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SBN 2022 Program Highlights:
Symposia, Workshops & More!

Symposium: Got Milk: Examining the mechanistic contribution of parental lactation and other nurturance signals on offspring behavioral development

Exploration of the importance of the lactational period and parental nurturance signals to offspring brain development and behavior and how these signals are impacted by the environment. Presentations will integrate proposed mechanisms, including the microbiome, exosomes, hormonal and immune signaling, and other non-nutritive factors, and the translational value of measuring these components across multiple species.


Symposium: All in the timing? Sex differences in response to stress across the lifespan

How do immune and hormone-related mechanisms mediate the effects of stress

on outcomes relevant to mood and addiction? This symposium will discuss sex-specific

immune involvement in depression and how rodent studies can be used to explore the

immune-, hormone-, and sex-related mechanisms underlying these processes in  humans.


Symposium: Neural mechanisms of social motivation and competence

A symposium exploring the use of cutting-edge techniques to understand the complex interplay between internal hormonal state, memory and cognitive systems, and sensory processing that is critical for understanding neural circuits supporting social recognition, social dynamics, social reward, and sex-differences in social interest.


Science Dialogues Symposium: Hormones and Trans Health: Roadmaps for Responsible Research

Learn about the history of research on the neuroendocrine basis of gender identity and how research on topics like sexual differentiation, social behavior, and hormone-receptor interactions can be framed in a context that best contributes to our understanding of the basic biology as well as maximizes translation to humans and inclusivity.


Diversity & Inclusion Workshop & Lunch: Featuring Danielle Dickens (Department of Psychology, Spelman College) discussing Effective Mentoring for Inclusion in STEM: Using an Intersectionality Lens


Professional Development Pre-Meeting Workshop: Join members of our Professional Development Committee to explore topics that will support a broad range of career paths in behavioral neuroendocrinology.


Field Trip to the Yerkes Primate Center Field Station: Visit the oldest scientific institute dedicated to nonhuman primate research.


Contributed Talks and the Young Investigator Symposium: Hear from our early career scientists and award-winning trainees as they present their exciting new research discoveries.


DEI Social: Join a safe and supportive social for SBN meeting attendees and members from marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds and their allies. Discuss current initiatives within SBN and network with fellow scientists


Meet-the-Professor Lunch: Enjoy a casual get-together with our terrific SBN professors and learn about careers in behavioral neuroendocrinology


Junior Faculty & Trainee Networking Breakfasts: Informal and fun, meet-and-greet organized by our Professional Development Committee.  A great way to start your morning!


Interactive Session on How to Create Inclusive Laboratory and Classroom:  Learn how to support your labs and teaching environments to foster the future of excellence in behavioral neuroendocrinology. 


Award Presentations: Celebrate this year’s SBN awardees of all career stages 


​Posters & Poster Blasts:  Join each day to highlight some of the newest research findings in behavioral neuroendocrinology.  A great time to mingle and catch-up with friends and colleagues.

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