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SBN 2022 Program Highlights:
Keynote Speakers & other 


Dayu Lin

NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Presidential Keynote Speaker


Win to fight and lose to flight: innate yet flexible neural

circuit of aggression


Diversity and Inclusion Keynote Address


Effective Mentoring for Inclusion in STEM: Using an

Intersectionality Lens

Danielle Dickens

Department of Psychology, Spelman College


Lehrman Award Keynote Address


2022 Daniel S. Lehrman Lifetime

Achievement Award

Cheryl Sisk

Program in Neuroscience, Michigan State University 


Meet the NSF Program Officer


Dr. Kathleen Lynch is a Program Director in Neural Systems, Modulation Program at the National Science Foundation. She will be available June 27-29 for appointments to discuss research funding opportunities in Neural and Behavioral Systems. She will answer frequently asked questions concerning funding opportunities for education and training as well as career development. Sign up for an appointment at the NSF table located near the registration desk

Lynch NSF.jpg

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