The Neuroscience Institute at Georgia State University is proud to host the 2021 SBN meeting.


Email us at:

  • Anne Z. Murphy, Chair

  • Jennifer Walcott, Administrator

  • Nico Rigney, Graduate Student Chair

Local Host Committee



  • Alexa Veenema, Michigan State Univ., Chair

  • Alfonso Abizaid, Carleton Univ.

  • Lisa Galea, Univ. British Columbia

  • Hans Hoffman, Univ. Texas, Austin

  • Kim Huhman, Georgia State Univ.

  • Antonio Nunez, Michigan State Univ.

  • Zoe Donaldson, Univ. Colorado, Boulder

  • Allan Herbison, Univ. Otago

  • Kevin Sinchak, California State Univ., Long Beach

  • Jessica Tollkuhn, Colds Spring Harbor Laboratory

  • Justin Carre, Nipissing Univ.

  • Aubrey Kelly, Emory Univ.

  • Farrah Madison, Univ. Maryland

  • Karen Maruska, Louisiana State Univ.

  • Tyler Stevenson, Univ. Glasgow

  • Larry Young, Emory Univ.


The Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (SBN) is an interdisciplinary scientific organization dedicated to the study of hormonal processes and neuroendocrine systems that regulate behavior. This focus is unique among professional societies, thus SBN’s annual meetings and its journal Hormones and Behavior provide vital forums for the integration of ideas across the field of behavioral neuroendocrinology. To learn more about SBN and it's mission, visit



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